Review: essence Pure Nude Highlighter 

Hey everyone!
I haven’t posted in a while because I was so busy as my semester came to an end and I had a lot of exams and other assignments. But, I also managed to introduce a new highlighter in my daily makeup routine. I have been using the essence Pure Nude highlighter (in the shade #10 be my highlight)  for the past month on each and every of my makeup days because it is so amazing. 

First off, I like that it looks natural on my skin and it doesn’t make me look like I have highlighter on my face. It gives me that natural, healthy-looking glow. It is perfect for my no makeup makeup looks. The glow is definitely buildable, so if you want more glow, you can always apply extra layers. 

I also like that it is long lasting so I don’t have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day. It blends in with my makeup so that I don’t look like I coated my face with highlighter. 

I totally recommend this product, especially that it is so affordable and the quality of the product is beyond my wildest expectations. When I run out of it, I will definitely repurchase. 

Price: $4.49 USD // $5.49 CAD
Have you tried this product? Which highlighter should I try next? Let me know in the comments below! 
Thanks for reading and til next time, 

~Kamy ❤ 

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