Products YouTube Made Me Buy


Hey everyone!

I follow quite a lot of YouTubers and when I hear them rave about products, I can’t help but wanting to purchase those products. Here are some products that I bought based on positive reviews by YouTubers.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation


Price: $8.96 CAD

This foundation is actually a great foundation. It does a great job mattifying oily skin. I have combo skin and this foundation still looks great on my skin, so, if you have oily skin and you’re looking for an affordable foundation, definitely give this a try.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect (Waterproof) mascara

Price: $6.96 CAD

After hearing numerous YouTubers (namely Jamie Paige) raving about this product, I decided to purchase it and try it. I feel like this mascara does lift my lashes a little bit. Since I have “no lashes” this mascara gives me a natural “eyeliner effect”, which works out for me. However, I feel that this mascara clumps if I apply multiple layers of it and chunks of it will fall off during the day. For that reason, I will not repurchase it, because I don’t like when chunks of mascara fall off of my lashes and onto my face. Mind you, mascara is very personal and I surely have read positive reviews about this one. To read my full review, click here.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks


Price: $7.96 CAD

These lipsticks are my favourite drugstore lipsticks. I love the texture, consistency, wide color range and various finishes. They are so easy to apply and the color doesn’t fade easily. However, this lipstick does have a (nice) smell, so if you don’t like your makeup to smell, you should skip these.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer


Price: $7.96 CAD

After seeing multiple YouTubers rave about this product, I absolutely had to try it out, and I wasn’t disappointed. This concealer is my all-time favourite concealer. It is medium to full coverage and it doesn’t crease. It is quite long-lasting so I can rely on it to cover my dark circles and brighten my face all day. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for a inexpensive concealer.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter

Price: $10.96 CAD

After seeing Jamie Paige use this product in one of her videos, I loved how it turned out on her cheeks so I had to try it out. I was a little disappointed at first because it is not as intense as I thought. However, it gives me a natural highlight that lasts the whole day. If you are looking for a more intense highlighter (for glam looks), you should skip this. To read my full review on this product, click here.


Wet n Wild Coloricon blush

Price: $2.99 US

After seeing Tati recommend this blush in one of her video, I picked it up at Walmart on my last trip to the U.S. This blush is actually really pigmented and long-lasting. It’s so affordable and the colors are just beautiful. Definitely worth the money. I have previously reviewed this product, you can read the review here.

What products did YouTube make you buy? What should I try next? Let me know in the comments below!


Til next time,

~Kamy ❤

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