Throwback Thursday: Covergirl Cheekers blush


Hey everyone!

Welcome to the third edition of Throwback Thursday! This week I will review the first blush I have ever used, which is the CoverGirl Cheekers blush in the shade # 154 Deep Plum.

First off, this blush is pigmented and also shimmery. The colour is very nice; it gives me a natural pop of colour. However, I don’t find that this product is long-lasting, especially if I wore it on a windy day; it would just be blown off of my face.

When it comes to the price, I didn’t expect much from it due to its price, but, after using the Wet n Wild Coloricon blush, I can only say that it should’ve been a lot better, due to the fact that it is pricier than its Wet n Wild counterpart.

I personally wouldn’t repurchase this product, in fact, I don’t know if it is discontinued (it might be in certains places). If you are looking for an affordable blush, I would definitely suggest buying the Wet n Wild Coloricon blush- I have reviewed it previously and you can read the review here.

To read the previous edition of  Throwback Thursday, click here and to read the first edition, click here.

What affordable blush should I try next? Let me know in the comments below!

Til next time,

~Kamy ❤

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Covergirl Cheekers blush

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  1. Talk about throwback Thursday, I was looking at the same blush in my makeup bag today thinking how long It’s been there. It’s also the first blush that I ever went and purchased on my own!

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