Review : Rimmel Stay Matte Primer


Hey everyone!

Before trying out the E.L.F Poreless Face Primer, I used the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, which is the first primer I have ever used ever since I started using primer.

To be honest, this primer is certainly not my favourite one. I don’t feel like it makes a difference to my makeup when I am wearing it; in fact, I don’t feel like it makes my makeup last longer at all. The product does not stick to my skin and I feel that my makeup is just sliding off my face when worn on top of it.

Nonetheless, it does minimize the appearance of my pores to give my skin a nice finish. I also feel like it moisturizes my skin in a way; perhaps this primer is more of a moisturizer than an actual primer.

Do I recommend it? I don’t recommend it because it did not work out for me, but things may be different if you have another type of skin- mine is a combo of dry and oily. When it comes to the cost, this primer is affordable, at 8.98$ CAD (6,47$ US) at Walmart and other drugstores. However, I do think that the E.L.F Poreless Face Primer would be a better primer within the same price range. I must admit that I personally prefer the E.L.F primer over the Rimmel one. For these reasons, I will give the product an overall rating of 2/5.

What’s your favourite primer? Did this product work out for you? Which primer would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

Til next time,

~Kamy ❤

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