My Favourite Lip Products

Hey everyone! I’ve tried a lot of lip products and today I wanted to share with you guys my favourite lip products.

1.The Body Shop Lip Butter

I tend to have dry lips, especially in winter, so I really wanted to find a product that will hydrate my lips. I came accross this lip butter about a year ago and it is amazing. It hydrates my lips and makes them smoother, which is what I expected it to do. Plus, it smells amazing and it is affordable. Definitely worth it. 

It is available at The Body Shop stores and you can also get it here, for the cost of 6.00$ CAD. 

2. L’Oréal Velvetty Full Coverage Lip Color (shade 102) and L’Oréal Shiny Full Coverage Lip Color (shade 201) 

These lip colors are great. They are very pigmented and very full coverage. I personally use them as lip liners and as a base for my lipstick, but they can also be used as regular lipsticks. They come in different shades but my personal favourites are 102 She’s so matte and 201 Lacquer-Y Charm. They are affordable, especially for a product that can be a Lip liner and a lipstick at the same time. 

These lip colors are available at Walmart in Canada and in the U.S. and they cost   8.96$ CAD. 

3. Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks 

These lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks at the moment because they are very pigmented and their shade range is very wide, so you can be sure to find a shade for every makeup style. My favourite shades are 665 Lust For Blush (Matte) and 235 Wake Me Up

Also very affordable, they can be purchased at Walmart in Canada and in the U.S. and they cost 7.96$ CAD

4. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

I love this product because it doesn’t dry out my lips. However, this product does not have a matte finish, it is rather glossy. They come in several shades but my personal favourite is the shade 630 Seduction. 

They are pricier than the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick at 9.96$ CAD at Walmart. It is also available in the U.S. at Walmart at 7.97$ US

5. NYX soft matte lip cream 

I absolutely love this product because it feels like butter on my lips. Unlike the previous product, this does have a matte finish that doesn’t dry out my lips; it actually softens them. They come in a variety of shades but my favourite shade is SML04 London

They are available at NYX stores in the U.S. and on their website, at the cost of 6.00$ US. In Canada, they are available at Shoppers Drug Mart. In Québec, they are available at Pharmaprix and Jean Coutu, at various prices. On they are available at the expense of 9.00$CAD

Have you ever used these products ? Do you like them? What are your favourite lip products? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading! 



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